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Lordos Plastics. wherever you look!

Wherever you look!` is not an exaggeration for Lordos Plastics products. For over half a century, in every house, business and farm land, Lordos Plastics has the most recognizable products circulating in the domestic market. For more than 55 years, the name “Lordos Plastics” remains synonymous with quality products. Their philosophy has always been the production and distribution of high standard and high quality plastic items, at affordable prices and with the best customer service, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The company was established in Famagusta by the late founder Fotios D. Lordos, who originally named the company “Lordos Plastics Ltd”. After the events of 1974, the company operated and expanded in Limassol, with the construction of a new factory as well as a number of warehouses. In 2000 “Lordos Plastics Ltd” switched from a private company, to a public company with a new name called “Lordos United Plastics Public Ltd”, while the following year, the company joined the Cyprus stock exchange.

The facilities are located in the 1st Industrial area of Limassol. The company now employs 240 highly qualified scientific researchers and skilled workers, in all sectors and production processes, which give great attention to the continuous training of staff at all levels. The capable and visionary company executives have as a main objective the strengthening and dynamic development of the market sector of plastics, along with the creation of new innovative products targeting new markets abroad.

The valuable experience and knowledge acquired after several decades of production and research, the fully-developed technological infrastructure available, and the persistence on quality and practicality of use of its products, have enabled the company to achieve huge growth and positioned itself as a market leader in the production and marketing of plastic products. The company holds the largest share of the Cypriot market, with a distribution network that covers all of Cyprus.

There is a wide range of products, such as:

Pipes and fittings | Bottles and containers | Household and industrial items | Garbage bags and plastics carrying bags Crates | Outdoor furniture | Industrial and flexible packaging solutions | Disposable plastic items
Aluminum foil and baking paper

On average the company makes and imports about 2,500 products, which can be seen in almost every building or home on the island. “wherever you look” is the company`s slogan, which can be taken literally since about 99% of every household on the island owns at least three products made by “Lordos Plastics”.

Cypriot customers have been loyal to the company for many years, despite the fact that there are cheaper and low quality plastic products in the market, mainly because of the company`s “Quality over Quantity” philosophy. The company operates under an accredited Quality Management System in accordance with the standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 and implements an accredited Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001: 2015

With great sensitivity towards the environment, the company is constantly investing in new plastics manufacturing technologies and environmentally friendly machinery. It has invested in special plastic recycling equipment, which allows the company to re-use recycled plastic in order to manufacture new products. The company`s goal for the future is to maintain its leading role in the field of plastics in Cyprus, to enrich the range of products offered and to strengthen its presence in foreign markets.