Lordos Plastics is directly and actively involved in supporting our fellow humans in need, in collaboration with several associations and NGOs. Furthermore, we contribute in developing the environmental awareness of our youth while promoting the history and culture of our country.



Europa Donna Foundation: Our company is an institutional supporter of Europa Donna Cyprus in its campaign against breast cancer. We financially support the coalition by providing pink garbage bags, bearing the coalition’s special label, in October of every year;  part of the proceeds are donated to endorse the awareness-raising programs as well as programs providing accurate information and support to patients with breast cancer and claiming the rights.


Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF): Each year, in collaboration with the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), we provide garbage bags with the association’s logo; part of the proceeds are given for the financial support of the association in order to endorse its important work and broaden its contribution through Free Services and programs available to all cancer patients and their families.



Each year – together with the Commissioner’s for the Environment Office, Let’s Do It Cyprus and the Τogether Cyprus NGO – we organize an awareness-raising and environmental education campaign for 20,000 young people; the education program includes information on organic waste composting process as well as on the environmental benefits of recycling and reuse. For this purpose, our company offered, free of charge, 200 plastic 250L compost bins which were distributed in 160 schools and 40 institutions throughout Cyprus.

Moreover, we are an institutional sponsor of the Let’s Do It Cyprus campaign for cleaning our island’s beaches and forests: we have donated over 30,000 garbage bags for the endorsement of the campaign.



We promote culture by offering free products to cover the needs of various visual arts projects, theatre productions and other cultural events in Cyprus.



We actively support excellent students.


We are also implementing a support and endorsement program for emergency incidents; in 2016 we donated 4,000 garbage bags for cleaning the areas affected by the disastrous fires in the Troodos mountains.